Thursday, October 4, 2007


OK I just got info on the friend who lost his leg.

In a drunken stupor (didn't I say I thought beer was involved) my friend decided to walk across the highway. He relied on a brain damaged drunk friend to tell him it was clear. Well, it wasn't! Pedestrian vs 55mph car! Another friends dad was on duty(he's a police officer) but it wasn't his precinct. He did however loan his camera to that department and have to talk to the EMS crew that handled it. He never heard the name and definitely couldn't recognize him in the picture. Well, the EMS told my friends dad that he was embedded in the windshield of the car and they didn't even know how to start peeling him off. His leg was twisted up, around, and over his head. He lost his leg. They had to amputate just below the knee. He is now a peg leg pirate, practically a childhood dream for him. Other than that, he seems to have no lasting trauma. (He's OK in the head, sort of) Unbelievable. None of the people at the scene, including my friends dad, thinks he should have been alive.

This explains why I haven't heard from my peg legged pirate friend in a year(this apparently happened early this year).

I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.

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