Tuesday, January 15, 2008


These crazy people got their pictures back today. Everyone I've talked to loves the pictures of Pam. If you click on the photo it should take you to more. I've uploaded a bunch of photos I found on my camera.

I did not get writing done last night. I kinda knew I wouldn't. I did try though. I hope to get something done today but I have Cub Scouts and Basketball today.

At Cub Scouts we are decorating a dragon for next months Blue and Gold Banquet. Our theme is Chinese new year. This could be funny.

In the spirit of The Year Of The Rat. My friend and I are using an audio book to learn Chinese. It has been really fun so far. I am learning so much. I can now say pirate in Chinese. Not sure when that will come in handy but hey.

Current Mood: nerdy
Current Soundtrack: Dr. Blairs Chinese in no time

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