Monday, August 13, 2007

The Wild Ones

I had an amazing time yesterday at the Festival of the River. I am so glad I was persistent and demanded that we went. The rain stopped shortly after getting in the van and held off all day and night. It took me just under an hour to drive up to Arlington where the festival was being held. It was fairly easy to find though, they had marked it very well. Before the Verve Pipe show we wondered around the tent area. Dear god you need to bring a empty cart just for all the free stuff you get. If anyone is in need of a new water bottle let me know. I think we have like 10 of 'em. This stress reliever makes me laugh. I think I know that guy. I've got a couple of these as well.

UPDATE I was going through the bags of crap we got and realised that there were 5 different ones. So to be fair to all of them here you go. Side note, I can't decide which is my favorite.

And I was amazed that we were all lucky enough to see the Marijuana Fairy....
Yes that is marijuana leaves around her. I just kept wondering if anyone tried to smoke her?

I'll post more about the day including some great shots of the band later. Mommy stuff calls so I'm off to gymnastics.

Current Soundtrack: Suede, Dog Man Star

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