Monday, February 4, 2008


I have had a very busy weekend. Not all of it has been fun.

To start off, Pam had a birthday party to go to at the mall. (insert screams of horror here) The mall on a Saturday afternoon is hell. No joke. The party was at Build A Bear. I almost made a groundhog for myself. It just looked too cute. After the party we had to go get her dad and brother.

Aaron had a basketball game I missed due to the party going over. Aaron’s team lost, by a lot. They still haven't won a game this season. Aaron doesn't seem to care.

Then I went to Rosa Allred's baby shower. That was really fun. I normally hate baby showers, but this one didn't have stupid baby games. I even walked out of it with a nice bag of goodies.

When I arrived home, Jaime decided he was going to take me out to dinner and a movie. This I like. I really wasn't in the mood to cook dinner after all the running around and cake. We went to Red Lobster and Best Buy. I love Best Buy. I bought a few things I really shouldn't have, but oh well.

We ended up seeing The Eye. I wish we would have seen something else. Jaime and I both have a thing for Jessica Alba. That’s why we saw it.

The movie is about Sydney(Alba) a blind violinist. She is given the chance to see again after undergoing a corneal transplant. While Sydney adjusts to her surroundings, she is terrorized by visions of death. With the help of a reluctant doctor, Sydney sets out to discover whose eyes she has received and what the visions are trying to tell her.

The movie was OK. I just wish I would have waited for it to come out on video. The acting was not very good, everyone seemed bored or very tired. Also the story took forever to get moving. This was a remake of the Hong Kong film "Jian Gui". I am planning on watching Jian Gui.

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Tony said...

The last time I saw a horror movie in the theater was when you guys talked me into seeing Jeepers Creepers. Ugh. Horror movies are strictly rentals for me.

Besides, if you're going to make a movie about a part of Jessica Alba's body, The Eye wouldn't have been my first choice.

Mary said...

Did we drag you to that? It was Jaime's fault I'm sure.

Tony said...

Yeah, I'm sure he was the one pushing for seeing that. One of those movies I wish I could unsee.